Procurement Function Position Analysis

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Procurement Function Position Analysis


In a company/organization in large to get people who are competent in their respective fields submitted to the recruitment section of the civil service. In a small organization, every leader can do alone withdrawal of labor, selection and placement without the help of experts (personnel department). There are several important steps that must be performed prior to recruitment and selection process that determines the type of labor or employee qualities desired for each position, and details regarding the number of employees who will be entrusted with the job respectively. So the first step in the management of personnel is getting which the right people, both the quality and the quantity corresponding to expect an organization/company. The method commonly used to determine the type or quality of manpower required is called job analysis, while the methods commonly used to determine the amount or quantity of labor is called work-load analysis (analysis of workload and study time (study time). Kepegewaian The management has extensive functions, so in this paper is only limited in the job analysis.


Dr. H. Zakaria Ismail


Scirj Volume II, Issue V, May 2014 Edition


Scientific Research Journal (Scirj)
ISSN: 2201-2796


25 May 2014



Dr. H. Zakaria Ismail , “Procurement Function Position Analysis ,” Scientific Research Journal -> Research Library, accessed July 24, 2019,

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