Scirj Volume IV, Issue II, February 2016 Edition

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Scirj Volume IV, Issue II, February 2016 Edition


Scientific Research Journal (SCIRJ)



Scientific Research Journal (SCIRJ)
ISSN: 2201-2796

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The study was conducted to compare the productive and reproductive performances of Black Bengal and Jamnapari goat under semi-intensive system in Bangladesh. Average birth weight of kids of Black Bengal and Jamnapari was 956.13±19.72 and…

This study aims to analyze the influence of strategic leadership and dynamic capabilities on the competitive advantage of Private Universities in Jakarta using entrepreneurship strategy and operational strategy as the intervening variables. This…

Milk is called the balanced nutrient food in the human diet. Micronutrients and macronutrients were found abundantly in milk, but contamination of heavy metals can occur in milk and milk products. The present investigation was carried out to…

The school principal has a strategic role in improving the quality of education in the era of regional autonomy. The development of work ethic, the establishment of harmonious cooperation, and the improvement of the quality of teachers and school…

There is widespread agreement that Social problem and Behavioral Change are one of the most challenging research fields of Globalization. This article we have to identifies concerns arising from attitudes and values within nursing and common…

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